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Heartworm Disease Can be Deadly – Yet It Is Preventable
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Dear San Jose Area Pet Owners:

Heartworms are here!
With all of the rain we’ve had, the mosquitoes are going to be buzzing and biting.

All it takes is one bite from one infected mosquito to transmit heartworm disease to your pet.

Once inside your pet’s bloodstream, the heartworm starts its deadly transformation and migration toward your pet’s heart.

This disease often goes unnoticed, undetected, and untreated … until it is too late.

Don’t wait! Please let us test your pet for heartworm now.

To help you save money, we are offering a FREE Heartworm Test with a paid exam.

 $40 savings for you. Possibly life saving for your pets.

 Please give us a call right now at 408-292-6600 to schedule an exam and FREE Heartworm Test.


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